The project Special Intimacy Needs Educator - Assisting differently abled people with the improvement of their emotional and sexual needs aim is to spread and promote in Europe a new role, namely the European educator in special intimacy needs, who is assisting differently abled people with the improvement of their emotional and sexual requests.

The project has a main objective to qualify the educators training path through the validation of skills acquired in the informal and non-formal learning

The main objectives of the project are:

- Promotion of social inclusion through non-formal and informal learning paths of a new educator in the assistance for the improvement of emotional and sexual self-consciousness of people with disability;

- Dissemination of the importance of supporting people with disability for skills concerning interpersonal relationships, intimacy and intimate and/or sexual relationships throughout a well-trained educator;

- Training of special educators with sufficient knowledge of the different forms of disability and their relation with the emotional, sentimental and sexual spheres;

Main outputs of the project

During the implementation of the project four main outputs will be develop:

  1. Identification of knowledge, skills and competence for the educator in special intimacy needs;

  2. Documentation of the evidences of the learning outcomes that will be acquired;

  3. A procedure for the assessment of competences previously identified;

  4. Definition of a common certification and final valuing of the learning identified, documented and assessed.

The project consortium is composed by six specialized partners from six countries. Along with Centre for Competence Development Cyprus (Cyprus), the rest of the partners come from Latvia, Spain, Italy and Romania.

Duration: 01/11/2018 – 30/04/2021

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